Zinc Sunscreen

The two major types of the sunscreens available in the market are the zinc sunscreens are the titanium sunscreens. While the former ones have the major working ingredient as the zinc oxide, the latter ones have titanium oxide. Both of these however are the physical types of the sunscreens. When you would apply the zinc sunscreen over your skin, you would create a protective layer over the skin, which would prevent it from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. The rays are actually blocked by this layer and they do not get to reach the skin and get absorbed into it. Further, they reflect the sunrays and work like a mirror. So, you can hope to get glowing skin with the application of the zinc sunscreens over your skin. This article discusses the further details of the Zinc Sunscreen which you might want to know:

Zinc SunscreenHow is it Derived

As mentioned earlier, zinc sunscreens are actually derived from the zinc oxides, which in turn, are derived from the zinc element. Various processes are applied to the zinc element so as to grant it the required sun protecting powers.

How does it feel?

If you have been using any sunscreen already, which was not derived from the zinc oxides, you might feel easier to adjust to it, but for the first time users, this might be a bit heavier. A whitish layer would be formed over the skin and it does not work like the normal creams which get absorbed into your skin in one go. It is slightly heavy as compared to the other kinds of the sunscreens available in the market, so some people might not prefer it for daily use.

Appearance after Applying

The zinc sunscreens are derived from chalky materials. This means that when you would apply them over the skin, a certain whitish layer would form all over the skin. It would be very effective in protecting the skin against the harmful rays of the sun, but it would definitely look unattractive. In some of the cases, it might hide your natural beauty and you might not prefer it when going out to a party. However, manufacturers are scaling them down as much as possible so as to reduce the flake appearance. They are now less noticeable and if you go with the best brands of the sunscreens, you can expect them to penetrate into your skin rather than forming a layer over it.

Properties of Zinc Sunscreens

Zinc sunscreens are very different from the titanium sunscreens in relation to their chemical properties. They are noncomedogenic and antimicrobial. So, they have wound healing properties as well. Though this is for the good, an unacceptable property of the zinc sunscreens is also there. When you would apply it over the skin, it would feel thicker and sometimes, you would feel that your pores have been clogged by the oils present in this sunscreen. However, if you go with reputed brands, this would not be much of a problem.

Are they Effective Enough?

Now the big question, which everybody must be having on their minds about the zinc sunscreens, are they really better or more effective than the previously present titanium sunscreens available in the market. Well, to answer in one word, it is a yes. They gave an edge over the latter ones. The long ultraviolet a rays, which were not prevented by the titanium sunscreens are easily blocked by the sunscreens and hence, the skin would stay totally protected. In fact, you can expect your skin to be protected from the entire broad spectrum of the sun.

Some Considerations

Though you can definitely go with the Zinc Sunscreen in most of the cases, you should consider trying it before opting for it completely. For example, you can first purchase a sample of the product and when you are sure that it does not cause any skin irritation, you can buy a larger bottle. Also, don’t just test it as a cream applied to your skin when you go out, but experiment with it like you would actually do in the long run, combine it with your makeup foundation and then see if you are getting the desired results.